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Cars trigger passions and feelings that are often difficult to understand and explain. In our personal case, we want, first of all, to inspire these same feelings and interest in children and this is why we have decided to make cars customized to their size. Ours are half-scaled cars with component design and driving characteristics similar to those of real-sized models so that children can learn not only to drive these vehicles but also to cherish them and take care of their maintenance. After all, it will be children the ones who will design, manufacture, drive and enjoy the models of the future.

Secondly, we want to pay a humble tribute to the automobile itself and all the pioneers and visionaries of this fascinating industry had, who achieved the long-awaited dream of self-propelled vehicles encouraged by an incredibly curious spirit. Their big effort and fierce determination helped them offset the inadequacy of knowledge and technology, and they did not hesitate to expose themselves to multiple and sometimes dangerous experiments, even to the point of losing their lives.

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